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Harvest Wedding!

Early September saw Lorna and Simon’s harvest wedding at Burnham Market.  Wow, what a wedding!  A real hands-on family affair with all the family pitching in to make this wedding a real family team effort!  Simon the groom making  the wooden boxes for the table decorations and the cake stand, Mum Debbie, making the wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses, Dad on yards and yards of bunting duty, not to mention hundreds of tiny hand-made paper cranes suspended from the barn’s ceiling….Phew!   Couple this with some rustic, seasonal flowers and one of the warmest welcomes from a family you could ever wish for and everything was in place to make this one special harvest wedding…


Lorna and simon table034

Lorna and Bridesmaids
Lorna Bouquet 3














Above, Lorna and her bridesmaids (who I don’t think ever stopped laughing and smiling!) and to the left the lovely bride of the day…

















With the flowers it was seasonal late summer blooms as much as possible with a pallette of orange, gold, blue and off-white.   Some barley too added to the mix together with what seemed like a whole field of wheat!!

Congratulations Lorna and Simon ~  truly a harvest wedding to remember!

The photographer capturing the day was the talented Amy Lewin.




Lorna and Simon archLorna and Simon Barn

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