The Cutting Garden

Together with seasonality, sustainability is important to us and knowing that many of the flowers and foliages we use in the growing season have been grown on home soil as nature intended, without artificial heating or pesticides, is an ethos we firmly believe in.

This year has seen the development of the cutting garden and it has been a real pleasure to gather the freshest possible seasonal flowers, herbs and foliages. The garden has proved indispensable, offering quality and diversity and this summer has seen an abundance of foxgloves, cornflowers, sweetpeas, verbascum, scabious, dahlias and zinnias together with many herbs including many varieties of lavender, sage and mint. Planting “bee” friendly shrubs and plants such as budleia, sedum and verbena bonariensis has also ensured a steady stream of insects foraging in the garden.

With plans to grow lesser known plant varieties next year, we are really looking forward to the challenges and surprises the cutting garden will no doubt bring. Watch this space!